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Chianti guide

Covering the area between Florence and Siena, Chianti is a little world of breathtaking landscapes, walled medieval towns and picturesque villages. The Castello del Nero romantic hotel in Italy is right in the heart of this wonderful region which is also known for its delicious cuisine created from a palette of fresh and intense flavours.

Complimenting this cuisine is the incredible range of fine red wines produced in the area and known commonly as Chianti wine. The tradition of cultivation and production goes back to the Etruscans who recognised the perfect weather and rich soil as ideal conditions for creating a wine that is recognised today as one of the world’s finest.

Castello del Nero is one of the top luxury hotels in Chianti, Italy, and it is an ideal location for landscape lovers. The lush, stream-fed valleys present an earthly paradise of vineyards and verdant olive groves to explore and the tall, closely gathered hills are dotted with historical towns to discover.  A drive just a few kilometres south of Florence will bring you to Greve, one of Chianti’s oldest towns.

Greve is famous for its oddly shaped piazza which has served as the town’s market place since the Middle Ages. Notable buildings include the Church of S. Croce which is home to a triptych by Bicci di Lorenzo depicting the Madonna and saints.

A few kilometres south of Greve is the ancient town of Panzano which boasts architecture, including the castle, that dates back as far as 1200 A.D. The Church of S. Maria also dates from that time but was given a complete neoclassical makeover in the 1800s. Visitors will delight in the old town area of Panzano where you can soak up the historic atmosphere and enjoy a glass of Chianti in the splendid main piazza. All these wonderful places are within easy access of the Castello del Nero romantic hotel in Chianti, Italy.


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