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"The Palio dedicated to Madonna di Provenzano"

JULY 2 - Siena: Piazza del Campo

Everyday life grinds to a halt as Siena celebrates its most ancient and sacred ritual: horses and riders representing ten of Siena's seventeen contrade, or districts, race around the ring of tufo rock that covers the Piazza del Campo. There can only be one winning contrada in this festival: it begins on the morning of 29 June, when horses are assigned to the participating districts by lot before the trials, which take place in the piazza in the morning and afternoon, and every evening each contrada hosts dinners in streets decorated for the festival. On 2 July the long afternoon begins in the heart of each contrada with the blessing of the horses, followed by the historical parade to the piazza. Finally, there is the race itself: the victorious contrada bears the banner triumphantly to the Provenzano Basilica for the "te deum" thanksgiving to the Madonna.


"Palio dedicated to Madonna dell'Assunta"

AUGUST 16 - Siena: Piazza del Campo

The game that has become as important as life itself for the people of Siena plays out according to the same rituals as the July Palio. The horses are assigned on the morning of 13 August, followed by the morning and afternoon trials, leading up to the race on 16 August. Once again, ten districts out of seventeen take part, selected using a system that makes chance absolutely sovereign in every aspect of the festival. Over the four days of the festival the residents of the districts live and breathe the palio, as time seems to stop. The race takes place after the historical parade on the afternoon of the 16th. Only the victorious contrada will bear the Palio, or banner, to the cathedral to give thanks to the Madonna Assunta, to whom the August race is dedicated.




Did you ever imagine how life was in medieval times? You don't have to imagine it anymore, you can be part of a "real" Medieval festival in Tuscany! History has never been so much fun: people dressed up in historical costumes, the possibility to watch a challenge tournament between thirteenth century knights, a battle with piker men, halberdiers, infantrymen and harquebusiers.

The fortress of Monteriggioni will be animated by jesters, street artists, jugglers, men on stilts musicians and minstrels. You will even have the possibility to watch the enactment of medieval scenes proposed by improvised actors on the streets. The objective of the Festival is to re-create a setting which is so complete that the visitor is transported back in time. Believe me: it's fun and at least once in a lifetime you should live this medieval atmosphere.



"Teatro del Silenzio - Andrea Bocelli concert"

JULY 30thLajatico (Pisa)

Once a year Andrea Bocelli holds a concert in Lajatico, in Province of Pisa, where he was born, grew up and currently resides despite his International fame and tours that bring him all around the world.
Andrea Bocelli represents Italian music in the world, and as a singer of national pride. This concert, very close to home, is in its self a sort of national event for Italians and Bocelli fans from all around.
For the 2016 edition of the most famous event in Tuscany, the most popular Italian tenor in the world will perform a lyrical repertoire that consists of some of the most famous opera arias, in an astonishing context, rich of colors and phantasmagoric scenic design, dedicated to one of the oldest and most fascinating shows of all time: the Circus. 

"Le Cirque" will therefore be a unique opportunity to experience the magic of an evening of great music, with the support of a surprising and innovative production, the power and sound of a major symphony orchestra and an amazing choir. 

The stunning scenery of the Tuscan hills, the incomparable voice of a legend of belcanto (who grew up in these hills, and then grew to become an artistic but also ethical guide, for the whole world), the international cast and the dreamy and magic atmosphere of the circus, assure that this new edition will have an amazing appeal, certainly creating an even more heightened expectation among the large audience that, usually reaches Lajatico to live the unique experience of listening to the live voice of Andrea Bocelli from every corner of the globe, in the countryside where he was born and raised. 

After the exceptional double show proposals to mark the tenth anniversary of Teatro del Silenzio, In 2016 there will be only one show date for "Le Cirque".

More information:

Teatro del Silenzio

Via dell'Uccelliera 56030
Lajatico - Pisa

Tel: 334 795 7670

Email: info@teatrodelsilenzio.it

Web: www.teatrodelsilenzio.it/news.php



"Mercantia, Certaldo 28th International Festival of Street Theatre. " from 13th July to 17th July
"San Giovanni celebrations" - fireworks along the arno river, June 24th

San Giovanni is a day where several festivities take place in Florence throughout the day such as parades, the Rowing Club competition along the Arno river, fireworks, etc.

The final game of the Calcio in Costume (football soccer in costumes) was played on this same day. The famous Historic Florentine Football, was a peppy Medieval version of football, usually played in Santa Croce square.

Along with the Historic Florentine Football, another sporting event is celebarted on this day: The Notturna di San Giovanni (night run marathon), it's one of the oldest marathons in Italian history. Firework show in Florence
for the feast of the Patron.

In order to salute the Saint Patron, at around 9:00pm, you can admire a firework show in Florence. The best spot to see them it's in Ponte Santa Trinità (Santa Trinità Bridge). From there you can see Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), and behind it the beautiful fireworks reflecting in the Arno river. The bridge and its surrounding streets gets jammed of people, so it is recommended that Florentine people having houses with view towards Piazzale Michelangelo open their doors to their friends and relatives, so you can enjoy the show in company of your loved ones.

Again, during the same weekend it is usually organized another funny event, concerning just one side of the city: Nottarno, la notte bianca in Oltrarno (Nottarno, the White Night in the Oltrarno zone). Various and different events will be organized and dislocated along the streets and squares of the city district, and have been already inserted in the program of the night: music, exhibitions and various kinds of entertainment. On the occasion, shops, pubs and restaurants of the Oltrarno district stay open all night long and arrange tables on the streets of the centre.

"Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino " April 24th - July 4th, Firenze


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