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Offering the absolute latest in holistic treatments and spa experiences, Castello del Nero spa hotel near Florence, in Tuscany boasts the area's first exclusive destination spa, designed by global spa specialist ESPA.

Retreat from a world of decision making to one where all the decisions are made for you.  At Castello del Nero Tuscan hotel, ESPA Spa is waiting for you.

Revitalise in our magnificent outdoor Vitality Pool. Enjoy the luxurious range of heat and cooling experiences which cleanse body and skin, relax and soothe aching muscles and prepare your body and mind for the treatment experience to follow.

Body and soul will be brought back into balance as natural vigour and creative powers are restored at this spa hotel in the heart of Tuscany.

Journey through natural wood, smooth glass and cool stone to our cocooning treatment rooms, where each ESPA treatment fuses advanced techniques with ancient therapies to deliver the best bespoke therapeutic experiences in the world.

All you have to do is reserve the time with our outstanding, fully qualified and ESPA trained therapists, and they will do the rest.

At ESPA , our Tuscany spa near Florence every day specialised treatments care for your every need - advanced facials, hot stone therapy, essential oil body massages and envelopments.  ESPA has also created a range of Signature Treatments  - Castello del Nero Relaxation Ritual; Olive Oil and Pink Clay Oriental Inspired Head Massage; Sea Salt and Tuscan Rosemary Body Exfoliation - to evoke a true feeling of Tuscany. When booking a treatment at our SPA we will be more than pleased to include in the related cost the access to our Wellness Health Experience (including our Vitality Pool).

An elegant Fitness Suite, complete with TechnoGym machines and equipment, overlooks the Chianti hills and is available to the hotel guests.

Local guests may take advantage of a variety of special promotions, including Day Spa Packages, and can enjoy a post-treatment meal in the spa hotel in Italy’s exquisite La Torre restaurant.

  • Castello del Nero Relaxation Ritual - 1 Hour 50 Minutes

    Beginning with a relaxing foot ritual, this Signature Treatment combines the natural ‘anti-oxidant’ benefits of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Sea Salts for a full body exfoliation...
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  • Olive Oil and Pink Clay Oriental Inspired Head Massage - 40 Minutes

    Fusing a blend of anti-oxidant rich Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the ultimate conditioning properties of ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud, this extremely revitalizing treatment uses...
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  • Sea Salt and Tuscan Rosemary Body Exfoliation - 25 Minutes

    Sea Salt and Tuscan Blue Rosemary combine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to provide this skin softening, nourishing and conditioning body treatment. As the Sea Salt gently removes dry...
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  • Age Defyer 1 Hour - 25 Minutes

    A totally luxurious regenerating facial treatment especially created to help combat the signs of ageing, and sun damaged skin. Special facial massage techniques for those delicate...
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  • Men’s Purifying Facial, Shoulder and Scalp Massage - 55 Minutes

    This purifying, balancing and hydrating facial includes a triple cleanse and steaming warm towels to soothe and aid the drainage that can lead to congestion and blocked pores. Following...
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  • Skin Brightener

    This rejuvenating facial is perfect for all skin conditions and particularly when environmental stress, or lack of sleep can leave you with dull, lifeless skin. Visibly improves the...
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  • ESPA Aromatherapy Body and Scalp Massage - 1 Hour 25 Minutes

    A deeply therapeutic, holistic treatment, using ESPA blends of essential oils which appeal intensely to the senses and whose aromatic attraction is a personal response to each individual's...
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  • ESPA Total Indulgence Pre/Post Natal Treatment 1 Hour - 25 Minutes

    This total body treatment has been carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers to take account of all contraindications and aid in relaxation and tonicity of the skin during...
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  • Chakra Balancing with Hot Stones

    Chakra Balancing begins with a full body exfoliation followed by a specific body massage with ESPA blended aromatherapy oils using volcanic hot stones. Gentle stretching helps release...
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  • Holistic Back, Face and Scalp Massage with Hot Stones

    An all embracing treatment beginning with a deep cleansing back exfoliation followed by a hot stone back massage with aromatic ESPA oils. Hot stones are used on Chakra points, shoulders...
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  • Detoxifier

    The Detoxifier helps improve circulation, increasing the elimination of toxins and excess fluid, and helps minimize the dimpled appearance of cellulite.
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  • Muscle Relaxing Massage

    A rich blend of Clove, West Indian Bay, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils, helps to ease joint pain and release stiffness whilst calming and relaxing muscle tension.
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  • Stress Relieving Massage

    This full body massage is ideal to be taken towards the end of the day when the desire to relax can be fulfilled by sleep. Essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Ylang Ylang have...
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  • Holistic Hand and Nail Treatment with Hot Stones - 55 Minutes

    A Holistic Arm, Hand and Nail Treatment including a gentle skin refiner and a therapeutic massage incorporating hot stone therapy with the appropriate aromatherapy massage oil chosen...
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  • Holistic Foot and Nail Treatment with Hot Stones - 1 Hour 10 Minutes

    A Holistic Foot and Nail Treatment including gentle skin softening exfoliation, and a relaxing acupressure point massage with the appropriate aromatherapy massage oil prescribed for...
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Maria Fanfani, Spa Manager
Maria Fanfani, Spa Manager

Opening hours

Spa Facilities open from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm

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Email: espa@castellodelnero.com
Phone:+39 055 8077018

Minimum age 16


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