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Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa
La Torre - Michelin Star

Michelin Star restaurant in Tuscany, Italy

La Torre’s menus are inspired by Tuscany’s bountiful seasonal ingredients. The maxim of Executive Chef Di Pirro is, ‘if you want quality then you must follow nature’. Spring brings crisp green beans, zucchini and fragrant herbs. Summer, the Tuscan ports reopen, sending over fresh lobster and prawns. Autumn offers rich flavours of chestnuts, mushrooms, wild boar, and the best porcini and truffles. Each morning Di Pirro takes pleasure in a stroll through the terraces of his own kitchen garden and selects the best sun-ripened produce.

In the summer months dining is al fresco, the rolling Chianti countryside unfolds beneath the terrace, with lines of vines and olive groves, fringed with forest. In winter La Torre’s dining is warm and stylish, with a vast period fireplace dominating the room, beneath the vaulted ceilings of the castello’s former stables. 


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Send us an email or call + 39 055806470 to book your table.

We do not require a specific dress code but warmly suggest for the gentlemen a jacket during winter months or long trousers with a shirt during summer months.


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