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Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa
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The Italian Chef of our Michelin Star restaurant

"I have been a chef for more than 30 years, so obviously I love my work. Food is never stress, it is energy, it is wonderful!"
Executive Chef Giovanni Luca Di Pirro

Chef Di Pirro is the constant delight of our guests, who stay at Castello Del Nero to enjoy the true flavours of Tuscany. In the morning he might hold a cookery class, sharing some of his secrets, revealing the scents and flavours of the land. In the evening he prepares the stage for his Michelin starred gastronomic dinner.

Our Chef’s approach is rooted in the Tuscan culinary traditions, but as a gastronomic explorer, with a Michelin star to his name, he also finds inspiration from around the world. 

At Castello Del Nero food is a particularly dynamic experience, with both the new seasonal produce, and each guest’s palate and pleasure. There is the bountiful hunting season with truffles, porcini and wild boar; summer harvests with the deepest purple aubergines; and artichokes, the gem of winter. Fresh regional ingredients are the source of Di Pirro’s inspiration and his menus present guests with a truly authentic Tuscan experience in touch with the rhythm of nature.


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