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Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa

The enchanting history of our luxury hotel in Tuscany

Just three families have been privileged to own Castello Del Nero, the noble family of Del Nero, the Torrigianis, and today the Trottas.

Castello Del Nero finds its origins in the 12th century, when it became the country residence of the noble Florentine family Del Nero. Prominent family members included Francesco Del Nero, protector of Machiavelli, and Filippo Neri, sanctified in the 17th century.

In 1825 the estate passed by marriage to the Torrigiani family, great landowners in Tuscany. Throughout the 19th century the Marquis Carlo Torrigiani embarked on a programme of modernisation, much inspired by his wife, Anna Fry, who was American. This makes a natural link with the third family to own and care for the castle, headed by Robert Trotta. The grandson of four Italians, he grew up in Long Island New York, but his strong family ties to the country and summers spent in Tuscany filled him with the joys of Italian living. It was with great pleasure that he took ownership of this magnificent castle, “I wanted it to be an authentic Tuscan experience that matched my vision of a world-class luxury hotel.”

Working with the Italian Fine Arts Commission, the 12th century castle was transformed, ensuring historic details were preserved, each a testament to past lives. There are exquisite frescos in the Suite Marchesa Anna, family crests in the Sala Gran Camino and aged tracks in the hall, where carriages stopped for nobles to alight to their private quarters on the first floor.

In 2016 we celebrated Castello Del Nero’s 10th anniversary as Tuscany’s authentic and historic luxury hotel, and one of The Leading Hotels of the World.


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